Do you…

…want to get more from the business you are in?

Why listen to us? Simple, we have been there and done it. We know what business leaders and start-up entrepreneurs go through because we have started businesses from scratch, managed small and large numbers of staff, worked through recessions, traded locally and internationally, built companies, sold them and backed people who had little more than a great idea.

If the advisors you choose have simply ‘owned’ jobs and not businesses how can they possibly know how to help you avoid the myriad mistakes that lay all around like a minefield just waiting for you to step on it.

If your team needs to be motivated and inspired wouldn’t it be better if the people who say they can do that have a track record in doing it as part of their day job where it is authentically delivered and measurable and not because they ‘took a course’ or bought a ‘box of exercises’ as part of an umbrella brand they bought into. 

Here are some questions we suggest you ask of anyone who says they are a Mentor or a Coach:

  • Have you created a successful business from a single idea on the back of an envelope?
  • Have you ever woke in the night worrying about too much month at the end of the money?
  • Have you used your life savings and more to back your own idea?
  • Have you borrowed to pay staff while your own bank balance slipped further into the red?
  • Have you ever wondered if it would be easier to pack it in and go work for someone else? 

Business ownership is measured in many ways but the simplest is in effort versus reward. It is about emotional investment as well as financial and the range of skillset you need to run a business or lead a team successfully is far more than most people realise when they embark on a mission to carve their own path.

Whether your business or organisation is large or small, established or just starting out, no matter the product or service, we can help you and those around you gain a new perspective and acquire greater success.

Among the ways we can help you might be to set the direction for your business, create a solutions focused plan so that everyone knows what they have to do and by when and we give you all the tools to make your plan have a much higher chance of success. We can also work with the people around you to assist in achieving group goals by providing assessment and core training in a broad range of categories such as motivation, client facing skills, marketing, referral sales training, time management, networking and presentation skills.

Tailored short courses In addition to mentoring we have developed a range of courses aimed at translating skills at every level of your company or organisation. Courses can be delivered on a one-to-one basis up to any size of audience and are tailored to the requirements of the individual or group. Courses can be one-off short sessions or modular projects for continuous development. Read More