Coaching Skills for Managers Develop a solution focussed culture within your organisation and move from a directive style to one which encourages individuals to take responsibility. This course will enable managers to use coaching techniques with staff, with clients, and within a team setting.

Tools for Teams Effective teams are a key to success in organisations. This practical workshop will give you an introduction to a range of tools that can be used to develop a team. The course is highly participative, drawing on participants’ own ideas and giving opportunity to try out and experience a range of methods.

Communication Skills Achieving high quality communication is a crucial component of success. This communication course will help individuals and teams to succeed by highlighting some of the barriers to communication and increase your confidence and skill level.

Positive Thinking for Great Results Start using positive thinking to create amazing results in your life. Discover accelerated learning tools such as visualisation to use for yourself and the people you work with.

Train the Trainer This course will help you to develop the skills of training adults and increase your understanding of the way individuals learn and groups function. You will have an opportunity to reflect on your own practice and receive feedback.

Developing Well-Being in the Workplace How can your organisation ensure that a culture of well-being develops and is sustained? This programme is aimed at managers who wish to support colleagues in the workplace.

Emotional Intelligence On this course you will discover the key competencies of emotional intelligence and learn to use these in your own working practice.

Presentation Skills We have less than seven seconds to create the right impression. From a 60 second ˜elevator™ pitch to a sales presentation or full blown staged event using latest technology, you will learn the very best techniques for achieving outstanding results from your presentations. We will provide you with an insight into the use of body language, voice control, the importance of the words you use and the imagery you create.

Time Management Time management is really a mislabelled problem. We can’t manage time; what we have to do is learn to manage what we do in the time we have available. Using three key psychometric tools, participants will learn how their styles affect how they manage time and how making small changes can have huge impact. Participants will:

• Learn how to prioritise to achieve their specific goals
• Explore ways of managing interruptions
• Understand the difference between “urgent” and “important” using the Time Management Matrix
• Develop a personal action plan to maximize their effectiveness Time Management work may be one to one, group work or an hour conference presentation. Participants report an increase in productivity of between 11 & 35% even after only two hours of coaching.

“Rob really is an authority on time management and performance at work. Rob spoke to my BBC colleagues in a seminar I organised for them. He was a big hit. As a very engaging speaker my colleagues learned how to be more effective with their time. Working in television is demanding and Rob’s lessons were perfectly applicable to us. Robs style is very friendly and his delivery is unlike any other time management course.”
Toby Mildon, Diversity & Inclusion Lead BBC, London

Running Effective Meetings People spend many hours in meetings both in work and personal life. Significant numbers of people report that meetings are unproductive, no specific actions are agreed and actually the meeting was a waste of time and they leave feeling frustrated. The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do before it. This course enables groups of people to think at their best. Using the proven Thinking Environment ® tools participants will learn:

• To understand the key behaviours which contribute to best thinking
• The importance of constructing an effective agenda
• How to create an atmosphere which engages people and ensures good decision making
• How to make positive changes to meetings which are not productive. Participants report that they feel excited about making these changes and that meetings are not only more effective but enjoyable too.

“Rob Brown brings a new dimension to managing staff and peer interfaces at the executive level. He led the application of some innovative structures to meetings to change the organisational impact. I saw real improvement in a management team getting the right issues on the table with the right information when Rob was engaged as a coach. He is effective across internal and vendor lines in creating consensus – or handling conflict when that is necessary and productive.” Steve Huntington, Vice President, US EPR Deployment, AREVA NP

Self Esteem Self-esteem is the very essence of our being. It has many facets which include how we see ourselves and how we think others see us, how much we value ourselves, how confident we are, how we perceive our role in society and ultimately our motivation and will to live. People who have attended Self-Esteem training include: teachers, youth workers, nursery teams, police officers, business managers, Prison Service and Youth Offending Teams, business leaders, students, NHS teams and Local Authority staff.

Networking Skills Developing a powerful internal and external word of mouth marketing strategy is key to the success of any business. On this course you will be provided with all the tools needed to confidently get the best from every networking situation.

Referral Sales Skills Without the very best referral strategy you are probably missing the biggest opportunity to increasing exponential sales growth. This skills course takes delegates through the complete referral process from identifying every opening to connect with others and how to educate them to open doors to 3rd party referred business.

Business Mentoring for Success Mentor have a proven record of excellence in being the ultimate outside perspective helping to drive business forward. Regardless of size of company, from start-up, owner managed to multi-national concern, regardless of product or service we work with company leaders to help them get more from their business to fulfil personal and corporate aspirations. In just sixty minutes over coffee we will make an instant and positive impact on your business; imagine what we can do over time.  


“…I very much enjoyed hearing you present this morning. Highly interesting and deeply thought-provoking.” 
Professor Mark Cleary
Vice-Chancellor and Principal – University of Bradford