Imagine for a moment…


The media stopped stealing defeat from the jaws of victory.

The media stopped twisting each story for the sake of an ever more sensational headline.

The media stopped creating division but instead used the power of great content to celebrate diversity.

The media stopped giving criminals a flag to hide behind – contrary to media depiction, terrorists do not represent any religious group or political position, they are criminals. The sooner the oxygen is removed from the flames of publicity they wish us to keep stoking the more they will be seen for what they are.

Imagine if, for every bad news article published the media published ten good news stories; good news is in abundance but you wouldn’t think so if you were unwitting enough to read a newspaper or see or hear a news broadcast or bulletin.

Imagine if the media backed Britain instead of the opposition of whoever is in government.

Imagine if the media were not persuaded to kill a story because their advertisers might pull the plug. 

Imagine if the media backed British manufacturing, British engineering, British construction, British design, British entrepreneurs and so forth.

Imagine if the media told the great stories of our amazing athletes instead of sensationalising the fallibility of the few who err.

Imagine a world where good news drives more good news.

Happily we don’t need much imagination, we simply need to choose to see the amazing things that people everywhere are doing. Then we need to be excited at the prospect of spreading that good news. We need to be part of a good news epidemic not part of the media dam that is holding it back.

Are you like the media? Do you prefer to spread bad news or good news? It is a preference. It is a choice. It is your choice.

You can choose to have freewill or you can choose to remain trapped by a media diet of doom and gloom.

What good news story will you spread today? How sad would it be if you didn’t have one. 

Be known as a person who spreads good news and you will attract to your circle more people like you. The more you surround yourself with people of abundant attitude, the greater your attraction of abundance.

Imagine abundance, now start walking toward it. 

Imagine good news, now start spreading it.