Make each day work for you…

blueskySimple things to help you make the most of your day

Wake up early – get up half an hour or more earlier than you normally would – it’s amazing how much you can get done whilst the rest of the world is still holding on to their pillow.  

Cut down or avoid reading or watching the news. Most of it is biased towards the negative and is skewed to keep us fearful. Despite what the media would have us believe, much of what goes on in the world is highly inspiring and immensely positive. Once you start looking for it you may be amazed at what you find.  

Take 10 minutes each day and focus on what’s going well in your world and the amazing life you are creating. List in your mind all those great things that happening, there may be more than perhaps you think there are.  

Send something positive to one of your clients, customers or associates, a quick message, with something relevant to them or a note just to ask how things are going and if you can be of help.

When you meet people, known to you or strangers, identify the positive contribution you will make to their lives. You can start with something that’s simple to do and costs nothing, smile. Then, with genuine interest, start racking up the ways you can help them.

Take control of your thoughts
We create what we think about, so make sure you are building your positive thought bank. State of mind is everything. Read uplifting articles and books to generate a feeling of positive expectation and wellbeing, listen to an inspiring audio track, an inspirational speech or motivational instruction which will help keep you moving toward your goals. If you notice a negative train of thought, guide yourself back towards something more uplifting and learn to maintain your positive feeling state.

Keep a goal plan
Have a notebook in which you write down your goals and aspirations. Create time each week to update your progress, thoughts and ideas. Spontaneous writing is a way to tap into your creative side from which your visionary thought processes originate.

Develop your intuition
Trust your intuition, sometimes you will not know why you need to do something but have a hunch it may be the right thing to do. But be warned, make sure you are choosing the right thing and not the easy thing. Remember its intuition not self-delusion.

Associate with the best 
There’s an old saying that you become who you associate with. Make the decision to only surround yourself with positive people – people who believe in and create success. Whilst training your own mind to focus on success and opportunity, those around you need to reflect this. You might also seek out someone whose mind-set and success you would like to emulate and ask to meet up for a coffee – the most inspirational people always want to help others, let them help you.

Upgrade your skills
Up-skill yourself regularly with new learning – read a book, download podcasts, log on to ted.com, sign up for an online course, hire a coach or mentor to help you take the next steps towards your vision and to help you remove the obstacles to your success.

Research ways that others have achieved similar goals to your own. Put together a portfolio of skills and strategies you need to reach the outcome you want. Then tick off each one you have put into practice.

Move forwards
You will need to make a plan and continuously move it forwards. Those with a clear plan, with short term key performance indicators, are more likely to achieve the outcome they want than those who have a vague list of things they might achieve at some distant point in the future. You don’t need to have all the pieces of the jigsaw to start making great things happen. By following your plan, and taking the next step in the right direction, you will be on the way to achieving the success that is most definitely waiting for you.

Have a great day.