Rob P Brown

Such sad news…

Our colleague, co-author and friend Rob P Brown lost his long battle with ill-health and passed away. 

If there is a heaven Rob will be strolling its halls saying, ‘life had its challenges but positive thoughts got me through’. 

 One of Rob’s favourite quotes was:

“If you do nothing else in this life, treat everyone as the most important person you will ever meet.”

And that he did. Rob had mastered the art of ‘being present’ with people in the sense that while he was with them, they were the centre of attention. Rob had the talent of making people smile, to encourage them to see the positive and then to share that with others.

Through too many years or not enough, depending on your perspective, Rob battled with cancer and was surely heading for a record in the number of times he appeared to be beating the odds to survive. 

True to form, in the days before his passing he was still posting positive messages and words of encouragement. 

Rob left the world as he went through it, gently. He will be missed by all that knew him.