Adopt some great habits

What positive things will you do today and adopt as great habits for your business? Here are some simple ideas you might like to consider:

  1. Know the value of your time and spend that time wisely. There are 168 hours in a week, what value do you place on each of them?
  2. Only mix with two types of people; the successful and the successful to be. Train your ‘radar’ to look our for both and work out how you can help them.
  3. With every one you meet have one overriding thought, ‘What’s in this for them?’ If you approach people thinking, ‘What’s in this for me?’ you will get less.
  4. Know what is a Mentor. They should have been there and done it. They will have made all the mistakes at their expense and can show you how to avoid doing those things. Discover your Mentor and follow what they say.
  5. Create a task list. Prioritise it in order of importance. Cover up all but the top three things on the list. Concentrate on those and take them as far as you can before looking at the next three items on the list. Tick off the ones that you complete. Each evening write your list for the following day.
  6. Do not let the ‘send/receive’ button rule your life. In fact if at all possible avoid hitting that button before 10.30am; you will achieve more. Switch off auto send and receive, you are in charge not your computer. If you have time to react to the unexpected you might not be managing your time well.
  7. Take a 45 minute walk in the middle of each day and make sure your mobile phone is switched off while you walk. There are lots of benefits not least you’ll feel more energised, you will think clearer and you’ll get more done in the afternoon.
  8. Remember to say thank you for all good things that come your way. Make a point of thank other people for what they do or you might, in your mind, be thanking the universe for its help. Either way, say thanks and mean it.
  9. Inertia is the biggest single killer of business but it’s a very small percentage of company leaders who recognise it or who have a strategy for dealing with it. If you have not developed such a strategy get it organised ASAP.
  10. Procrastination costs money and saps your energy as well as the energy of all around you and it is a habit that can cost you your business. Whatever it is that needs to be done, do not put it off, just do it!

Within the above there are combinations that act as a check on one or more of the other points. If you start using these on a daily basis those combinations will become obvious and powerful drivers for your business. All things come together when you just do it!

And you are waiting for?…

Have a great week.